Wedding traditions

We are sure that our wedding is going to be very special! As most of you know, we've decided to get married in Denmark, where Rine is from, but in the English church.

We hope that this will give us a chance to experience a bit from both cultures. A lot of wedding traditions in England are the same as in Denmark. However there are a few which are completely different!

During the Wedding Ceremony

In a Danish wedding ceremony the only thing the bride and groom have to say is "yes" twice - the priest does the rest. The couple sit apart from each other during the service until the vows are made.

In an English wedding service the bride and groom repeat all the wedding vows after the priest - there is a lot to say in comparison to a Danish wedding!

At the Wedding Dinner

  • At some point during the marriage celebration, if the groom leaves the room, the male guests all kiss the new bride and if the bride leaves the room all the female guests kiss the groom!
  • When the guests bang on their plates with their knife or fork, the wedding couple have to climb onto their chairs and kiss! When the guests stamp their feet, the pair have to kiss under the table.
  • The wedding waltz should be danced before midnight; guests stand in a big circle and clap. The guests move closer and the circle gets smaller until the couple are surrounded by their loved ones.
  • The bride should throw her bouquet to an unmarried woman. The one who catches it will be the next to be married.
  • The bride's veil is cut into pieces to mark the passage from girl to woman.
  • The groom's socks are cut off at the toes or the end of his tie is cut off. It is said that this is so that the bride will have to prove that she can sew!
  • The groom should carry the wife over the door threshold signifying the passage of one world to the next.

Wedding Cake

To avoid bad luck, the newlyweds cut the cake together as a married couple and all of the reception guests must eat a piece. The top of the wedding cake should be saved for the first anniversary or the first baptism of their first child.

Do you know any differences that we've missed out? Please let us know by commenting below...

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During the wedding meal and up to the point of the wedding waltz the bride can only walk around backwards. This is to signify the world of the single woman that is now behind her as she moves forward into her new life

Orkadian Tradition

Simon Lockwood

Just before the first dance, the groom and the best man have to undertake an "old skool hip-hop dance off". They both don track suit tops (Fila or ST) and bust their best moves (caterpillars, turtles, back spins etc)

This is so that the groom proves that he is the best breakdance on the block and is therefore worthy of the finest home-girl.

(made-up tradition, circa 1987)