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Getting to Copenhagen:

Because a lot of our guests will be coming from the UK we've added a few links to the airlines we know fly to Denmark.

The following airlines fly regularly to Copenhagen from the UK:

For the shandy drinkers...

For those with flat caps...

SAS is unfortunately the only airline that flies from Manchester to Copenhagen.

From the airport:

Kastrup Airport is only situated 15 min from central Copenhagen and there are frequent trains which cost around £2.

Comments (5)

Simon Lockwood

Hey folks, i've just booked 2 returns from Gatwick on Sterling for 100 quid each.

Out on the 0855 on friday, returning 1800 on sunday if anyone wishes to join Vicky and me.


Jim Pannell

Simon's right - there are still cheap flights from Gatwick with Sterling. You can get them for less than 100 each as well - Simon must have gone for a 'larger' seat, so if you have a small behind get booking.

Talking of booking flights for the 'do', a lot of people I know have already booked so don't delay. Prices will only get more expensive (believe me - I spent a year and a half traveling to DK every other week!).

Simon Lockwood

Thanks Jim. i think that maybe i went for the "reserved seat" rather than the "bun-fight" option.

Nothing to do with size of my behind !


Hi Rine, Hi Jim
We are really looking forward to your wedding and a weekend away too in stylish Copenhagen (without Zain - woo hoo!). Have booked up Sterling flight Friday morning 08.55 and return Sun 18.00. See you soon. Shireen x p.s. whats this hostel like, you know i dont do camping so please suggest anywhere else you might think appropriate?!

Suz Waters

If you plan to stay at Dan Hostel in Copenhagen, it costs less with a YHA card. However, to buy a YHA card at hostel/OUTSIDE your country of residence, the YHA card price is almost double! So best contact YHA UK beforehand: 01629 592 771.
Peaceful sleep!